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Glasses and headphones 2 in 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

his is really a cool gadget, and perfect for our busy lives.

For those of you who are annoyed of always searching in the big purse for the small case of headphones. Or maybe hate when the headphones always from from your ear in the subway or when running. Or wouldn’t you love to listen some music when driving a bike , but it is quite dangerous with the noise cancelling ones.

For all of you and for the ones that hate sticking things in your ear to be able to listen to music or talk on the phone – here they are BOSE Frames.

Already at the 2nd generation the BOSE Frames are sunglasses with integrated headphones and microphone.

You answer the phone with one touch of the glasses.

You listen to music and change the song , pause or skip to the next song again with just 1 move. You will have great sound quality , because they are BOSE – one of the best speaker companies in the world.

The microphone works very well too, so people can hear you perfectly on the other end, no difference vs normal headphones

You can still hear a bit of the ambient, it can’t be noise cancelling because they don’t go into your ear but that’s all right, us women most of the time we need to hear what is going on around us. ( whether it’s the kids shouting for food or someone making comments behind your back in the subway).

They come in different shapes and sizes, and although I haven’t tried that already they are supposed to have interchangeable lenses, if you would like lenses that are more polarized or of a different color. You can use them as the frames for your regular seeing or reading glasses as well.

The price is not so spicy as expected, for the great sound quality it offers – they start on Amazon at 130 euros, and if you would like to buy the Sport version they can get up to 250 euros.

Check out more details here : Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses | Bose

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