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Beyond bucks: the search engine that feeds children

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I used to be a big fan of Google. They were on the forefront of innovation with Artificial Intelligence, bringing to the wide public the Google Assistant a few years ago, that could

really mimic human interaction. But lately I feel that it is such a profit driven company, that besides all the information they are storing about me, they still cannot provide the right results to my searches. And this is happening because of all the ads they are pushing and getting money for.

This is when I decided to look for alternatives.

There are many websites suggesting alternatives to Google, but for me one that has caught my attention because of the strong charity component is Seva Search.

Seva has a promise of not pocketing huge profits like Google but giving back the earnings in terms of food for hungry children around the world. So with every search and every ad the company is giving back the profit to non profit organizations that feed the children.

On the top of teh search page there is a rice bowl counter. It counts how many searches you’ve made with Seva. If you create an account, you can see how many searches and meals you’ve contributed. So ultimately giving your browsing a meaning :)

You can download it from your Google Play and use it on your phone the same way you use Safari or Google Chrome. More instructions on how to install it easy you can find here

You might want to give it a try...I have been using it for a few days now, and I am pretty happy with the search outcome, i have a good feeling when I see that my contribution to ending world hunger, plus I don't feel so overwhelmed by ads.

Hoping that this was a tech news that every women would like to hear, please stay curious...

Hasta la proxima,

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