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Are we living in a simulation? Science or science fiction?

One of the most difficult questions many scientists are bothered by is : how did we end up here?

There are many theories about how humans appeared on Earth : the evolutionist theory – saying that humans evolved from certain types of monkeys; the religious believers who are convinced that we are the descendants of Adam and Eve. Lately, the simulation theory has been gaining popularity saying that we are actually living in a simulation, similar to a computer game, where actually none of what we are experiencing is real, except in our own reality.

Although hints about living into a simulation have existed since the ancient Greek writings, it was in 2014 when Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher. His main points are :

  • The computer power has been growing exponentially in the last 30 years, so assuming this will continue in the future ( which is a quite unanimous assumption), one thing the next generations will do to study different technologies is to run simulations on past generations – creating different parallel realities that benefit from different technologies and individual fates. In this case, we foresee a high probability that we are among the simulated reality rather the original biological one, that will be reaching the high level computer power.

Scientists who argue against Bostrom theory say that it is merely impossible for ‘Sims’ ( people living in simulations) to reach this level of consciousness and be aware enough to ask exactly this question : Are we living in a simulation?

But on the other hand, video games are becoming increasingly realistic and it might come a point in the future when they are undistinguished from reality. Put some virtual reality in the equation , then the things can really become confusing…Adding the fact that every human is understanding and learning reality from scratch as a baby ( experiencing the laws of physics and the laws of nature) how easily can they be fooled by a simulation, to grow up believing its real – as grown ups?

So what do you think? Are we living in a simulation?

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