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SXSW (South by Southwest), taking place in Austin, Texas, from March 8 to March 16, 2024.

March 8 to March 16 2024

SXSW is a well-known festival that encompasses a range of conferences and festivals in music, film, and interactive media, including a significant focus on technology and digital innovation. This event attracts attendees from various sectors, offering a diverse program that includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, making it an ideal venue for professionals, creatives, and enthusiasts interested in the latest trends in technology and digital media.

You dont need to be in Texas to enjoy the wealth of information. SXSW offers various online streaming options, allowing attendees to enjoy content from the comfort of their own homes, including those based in Europe. The festival has adapted to the digital age by incorporating SXSW Online, a digital experience that enables remote participation. This includes live-streamed content, virtual networking opportunities, and online exhibitions. While specific details about the streaming options for the 2024 event might vary, SXSW has previously provided comprehensive access to keynotes, conference sessions, music showcases, film screenings, and other programming through its online platform.

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